About us



We are an advisory and consulting firm, focused on meeting the needs of organizations with the aim of promoting the development of Mexican industry, through adaptability, experience, awareness and a strong social responsibility.

 En Soltegra Grupo Consultor buscamos fomentar e impulsar la competitividad comercial de las organizaciones en el mercado global a través del desarrollo de proyectos, investigación y consultoría integral empresarial.



In Soltegra Groupo Consultor we seek to boost and promote trade competitiveness of organizations in the global market through the development of projects, comprehensive research and consulting business.



To be considered as an integral business consulting firm in the state of Jalisco, recognized for its work, loyalty and commitment to its values.






We reacted nimbly to the constant variables of the global environment.

Collaboration/ Teamwork

We contribute to the development and growth of links that allow the scope of goals and related aims.


We believe in perseverance and constant struggle; do more than others suppose that it is possible.


We recognize the dignity, equality and personal interests and jointly.



We fulfill in time and form the objectives and challenges set.


We put ahead the truth in our thoughts, expressions and actions.